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Upgrade to The Ayenyah Community Health Clinic (in partnership with O’Africa)

The Ayenyah community health clinic located 5 miles from Dodowa District Hospital was donated to the community by the charity OAfrica founded in October 2002 by Lisa Lovatt-Smith.  The facility serves the local rural community to provide basic health provision including vaccination of local school children.

With the help of NMSI and the Dodowa site manager, Francis Yore, the project involved taking down the previous building and erecting a new facility ensuring a long term sustainable solution and a more functional area for the nurses to administer health care whilst upgrading some of the equipment.

From beginning to end, the project took 2 weeks to complete and was led by volunteers James Hsu and William Hsu (sons of NMSI’s Deputy Chairman Fred Hsu), Charlie Stevens and Jeremy Elmhirst.


Ayenyah CHPS Before


Ayenyah CHPS Ayenyah CHPS


Ayenyah CHPS After