Community Benefits

Hospital at the heart of the community.

Construction Jobs

The hospital project will provide over 1000 temporary construction jobs during the build phase of the project which will positively impact the local economy. Construction workers are likely to patronise lodgings, restaurants and entertainment facilities in the local area.

Medical and Service Jobs

It is highly likely that a significant proportion of these staff will settle in and around the hospital. The influx of more staff will do much to improve the market for local goods and services.

Less Sickness

The hospital will reduce the sickness burden throughout the district through both public health initiatives and the treatment of actual disease. In all probability the hospital will be a centre for vaccination and community treatment initiatives on issues such as anemia.

Better Care

The new medical facility will have a greater range of resources with which to provide care for the community, as aggregate levels of health rise the risk to an individual from sickness decreases. In essence an individual being health helps his/her community, and a health community protects the individual.

Social, Work and Education

Better treatment will lead to better social outcomes for the people of the district, less days lost to sickness will allow the local populace to achieve more success in work and education. The timely treatment of acute illness (malaria, injuries) and the management of chronic conditions .

Medical Training

Doctors, nurses, and public health staff can gain exposure to treating patients under the supervision of the new hospital. It will provide a venue in which newly qualified medical staff will gain experience and build their careers.

Public Health

The hospital can play a vital role in the monitoring of public health. Should a disease outbreak occur (measles, cholera) a well equipped hospital will not only be able to quickly spot such an epidemic, but also take steps to quell it before it becomes more widespread.

Community Outreach

The hospital may act as a coordination centre for public outreach programmes, targeting issues such as child rearing, maternal health, diet, and substance abuse. Education classes provided by the hospital will in aggregate help to improve the health related knowledge of the community, and in doing so, make the medical staff an integral part of the wider social fabric.

Later Expansion

Given the benefits that the hospital will bring (more survival, more jobs, more care) the local area is likely to see a rise in its population, with families attracted by the new opportunities and benefits. In turn the hospital will be constructed with the ability to grow, so that as the community thrives, the hospital campus can grow to meet its expanding needs.

“The government in partnership with NMSI is delivering healthcare infrastructure for Ghana, an infrastructure based on local skills, local materials, and local knowledge”

Individual Benefits

Patient experience at the centre of care.

More Access, Less Travel

The new hospital will improve access to medical care by making it available close to the community it serves. Rather than travelling long distances to receive treatment Dodowa residents will have a local high-quality medical facility. For critical patients this reduction in delay could mean nore lives saved every year.

Affordable, Less Travel

The burden placed on patients by travel can be prohibitively expensive, and sometimes results in them not making it to the hospital when necessary. The location of the new hospital cuts the time and expense involved in obtaining care.

Better Treatment Options

Currently only basic services can be provided in district facilities, and treatment is split between different sites, this is inefficient and costly. The new hospital for Dodowa will centralise care and offer a greater selection of treatments options to the people it serves,

Dignity For Your Family

The new healthcare facility will provide care to Ghanaians of all ages, from newborn babies to the elders of the local district. During times of illness all people require a degree of dignity, which comes from privacy and respect during treatment. The new hospital with its bespoke patient wards and family accommodation bloc will give patients and their loved ones the material support they need in times of sickness.

Specialist Treatment Locally

Instead of needing to travel for specialist treatment a host of serious illnesses will be able to be addressed in the new hospital facility, not merely at the stage of diagnosis, but also through treatment and recuperation.

Relations Built Staff to Patients

The new hospital campus will allow the medical staff to forge links with the local community, become familiar with its dynamics and as a result, deliver better care. Out patient treatments for example are more easily managed if medical personnel have a sense of the environment in which their patients live and work.

Quicker Treatment

The new hospital will do much to alleviate the long waiting times experienced by those that attend facilities in…. this area. The current healthcare facilities in this area are heavily overburdened with the number of patients they treat predicted to continue growing into the future. Under such pressure, and without expansion they would simply collapse.

Better Diagnosis

The laboratory and diagnostic equipment that will be installed in the new hospital, will provide the medical staff with the ability to quickly identify illnesses and begin treatment. A comprehensive suite of diagnostic tools situated together will greatly increase the speed and accuracy aspects of patient care.