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World Day for Safety and Health at work was set aside by the International Labour Organisation to emphasise the prevention of accidents and diseases at work. NMSI observed this day across its Ghana sites on 28th April, with the theme “The Search for the Big 5”.

At Fomena, a site-wide toolbox talk was held on 28th April with all workers, supervisors and managers attending. A video  presentation on the theme, “The Search for the Big 5” (induction, hard hats, hi-visibility vests, boots and gloves) was shown, before a talk on the “Hidden Cost of Accidents” that highlighted the cost of accidents to workers at all levels of the organizational setup. Site and sub-contractor management gave talks to indicate their continued support for the right to a safe working environment for all workers. The day concluded with awards being given to deserving workers for their contribution to health and safety.

At Kumawu, the site team hosted a three-day programme to educate workers on handling emergencies, fire prevention strategies and the “Search for the Big 5”.

On 25th April, three professionals from the Ghana National Ambulance service educated workers on handling medical emergencies. Workers were taken through practical steps for first responders to put a casualty in the recovery position, as well as first aid treatment for injuries such as cuts and amputations.

The next day, two professionals from the Ghana Fire Service trained workers on what to do in case of a fire. Training included the protection of others, minimising damage to the facility and the extinguishing of small fires.

The three-day programme concluded with the “Search for the Big 5”. As part of the celebration, the monthly safety awards programme for outstanding leadership and support in safety was held.