Invigorating regional and district health care throughout
Ghana with the delivery of six new hospitals.


"The ‘Built To Care’ project will provide faster and cheaper healthcare
for families throughout Ghana." Hon. Sherry Ayitey - Minister of Health when contract was signed


The unique hospital design includes over 138
beds and specialist adult and paediatric wards.



Localised health brings development, tailored solutions and a better experience.

More Jobs

The hospital project will provide hundreds of temporary construction jobs during the build phase which will positively impact the local economy. Construction workers are likely to patronise lodgings, restaurants and entertainment facilities in the local area.

Less Sickness

The hospital will reduce the sickness burden throughout the district through both public health initiatives and the treatment of actual disease. In all probability the hospital will be a centre for vaccination and community treatment initiatives on issues such as anemia.

Better Care

The new medical facility will have a greater range of resources with which to provide care for the community, as aggregate levels of health rise the risk to an individual from sickness decreases. In essence an individual being health helps his/her community, and a health community protects the individual.

Public Health

The hospital can play a vital role in the monitoring of public health. Should a disease outbreak occur (measles, cholera) a well equipped hospital will not only be able to quickly spot such an epidemic, but also take steps to quell it before it becomes more widespread.

Healthcare for all Ghanaians, from newborn babies to community elders

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Helping Ghanaian Families

Families will benefit from shorter waiting times as the new hospitals
will handle 50% more attendance than any current Ghana hospital.

Hospital Locations

Our hospitals make the most of each site location, working with the land and community to deliver the most responsive designs.


This is the first hospital site for the project and is in the Shai Osudoku District.


Only 500 metres from the town this hospital is perfectly situated to serve as a hub for the local community.


The hospital borders a wildlife reserve featuring 4 species of monkey and wonderful birdlife.


The site is close to the town in a wooded area with views of the rolling countryside.


The hospital borders a main transport route and is elevated 33 meters.


The site is uniquely positioned at the border of the Garu and Tempane people who will come together to use the unrivaled health facility.


Formerly known as the European Hospital, this project will be an upgrade of the existing hospital which was first built in 1929.

State-of-the-art Facility

State of the art innovations in design, layout and construction techniques enable the new hospitals to be delivered faster, perform better and operate more cost effectively than traditional models. The new hospitals will have 21st Century equipment and facilities. They will be designed to be capable of expansion from 120 beds to 200 beds.