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Takoradi-European Hospital Upgrade

The initial upgrade will include Staff Housing and an Infectious Disease Centre


To you, your family and the local area.

State-of-the-Art Facility

The new facility will have 21st Century equipment and facilities.

Extra Income

Woody vegetative matter from excavation activities will be offered to affected land users to be used for charcoal burning to provide extra income.

The Takoradi-Eurpoean Hospital Upgrade has been split into two phases, the first of which will include the construction of hospital staff housing and an infectious disease centre.


Each aspect of the hospital upgrade has been adapted to suit its surroundings and conditions by a world class team of experts from the UK and Ghana.

The innovative design of the hospitals and its upgrade is aimed at providing value for money by delivering hospitals and facilities which require minimal maintenance, have a low energy footprint and have the capacity for future expansion.

A comprehensive process of consultation with stakeholders has been undertaken ahead of and throughout the hospital upgrade process.

The upgraded hospital will have 21st Century equipment and facilities and is designed to be capable of expansion from 120 beds to 200 beds.

The goal is to support the sustainable advancement of healthcare in Ghana.

The goal is to support the sustainable advancement of healthcare in Ghana.

Once complete, the proposed upgraded hospital will house

  • Two operating theatres
  • Theatre recovery unit
  • Intensive care unit (ICU)
  • Surgical wards (male and female)
  • Medical wards (male and female)
  • Accident and emergency wards
  • Observation/out-patient ward
  • Maternity, obstetrics / gynaecology ward
  • Paediatric ward
  • Public health unit
  • Dental unit
  • Radiology unit
  • Pharmacy/dispensary
  • Laboratory
  • Blood bank
  • Consulting rooms
  • Reception/waiting area
  • Records office
  • Accommodation for core staff
  • Conference and training facilities
  • Kitchen, laundry
  • Hospital stores
  • Mortuary
  • Maintenance unit/workshop
  • Waste disposal unit

Bed Numbers

Adult and Paediatric Wards

  • Maternity, Obstetrics and Gynecology Department – Two Wards and Delivery = 32 beds
  • Male Surgical Ward = 14 beds
  • Female Surgical Ward = 14 beds
  • Pediatric Ward = 16 beds
  • Male Medical Ward = 14 beds
  • Female Medical Ward = 14 beds
  • Theatre Recovery Beds = 4 beds
  • Accident and Emergency = 6 bed (Triage)
  • Outpatients = 6 bed (Observation)
  • Mothers Hostel = 18 beds
  • Total: 138 beds
  • l L-shaped wards with central staff base supporting both wings
  • l Mix of of private and open wards
  • l Innovative central spine layout enables patients to look directly outside to therapeutic gardens and views beyond
  • l Garden space defined for each ward
  • l Variant for children

Hospital Progress

Keep up to date with the Takoradi-European build progress and news

Official Handover of Takoradi European Hospital Project

By Press, Takoradi

Seven recently completed multi-storey accommodation blocks have been completed by NMSI at the Takoradi European Hospital in Western Ghana. Designed by UK architects TP Bennett, the purpose-built blocks will provide high quality modern accommodation for 80+ Ghana Health Service healthworkers at the long established regional hospital in Western Ghana.

Nicholas Oliver, Head of Business Development, and Kwadwo Oware, Country Representative attended the official hand over ceremony at the Ministry of Health, represented by Director Ben Nkansah and PMU Head Kwame Sarfo in Accra, Ghana on 8 June 2023.

Commenting on the milestone, Kwame Amponsah Sarfo, Head of the Capital Investment and Project Management Unit of the Infrastructure Directorate, said: “As we open the doors of these housing units to health staff, let us remember the sacrifices of all project actors in achieving this wonderful milestone. The challenges encountered on this project and the eventual completion is reflective of the saying ‘fortune favours the bold’. It’s a dream come true and big congratulations to NMSI for braving the storm.”

Referring to the challenges of the past few years, Ben Ampomah Nkansah, Director of Infrastructure at the Ministry of Health congratulated NMSI: “On this journey, we met a number of challenges and solved them together with unwavering determination. Your commitment, expertise, and relentless dedication have truly made this project a great success. Thank you for all the efforts invested in bringing this healthcare housing scheme from paper to reality.”


Safety Innovation at Takoradi

By Press, Takoradi

On 24th August, an occupational health day was organized with the local hospital, in which hypertension awareness and screening were conducted on site at Takoradi. Two nurses from Ghana Health Service delivered talks surrounding the risk factors of hypertension, prevention, treatment, and control.

Four workers displayed hypertensive indicators that were beyond the medically acceptable ranges and their movements and activities will be monitored on site. Workers were appreciative of the exercise and have requested visits of other field experts to site.