Media Coverage of the Dodowa District Hospital Site

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A group of 30+ representatives from a variety of media stations were given access to the Dodowa District Hospital site, as completion draws ever nearer.  The programme director, as well as the site construction manager (both pictured below), were at hand to answer any questions that the media had.  The successful event produced numerous positive reports, with nearly half of those that made it onto local stations presented in “AKAN”, a popular dialect with the locals.

Dodowa District Hospital - Media Visit May 2015 Dodowa District Hospital - Media Visit May 2015 Dodowa District Hospital - Media Visit May 2015


Fomena Site Progress – April 2015

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Progress at the Fomena site is rolling out.  In the residential buildings, which are completely built externally, plumbing work is underway as well as plastering and spraying of walls.  Roofing and internal ceiling work is complete and the electrical installation is well underway. The main clinical building has had 100% of the formwork for slab completed along with a full installation of ducting.  In the Traditional Medicine building, doors and windows are fitted and painting is nearly complete.

UK Ministry of Trade and Investment Tour Dodowa Site

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February saw the Ghana Hospitals project selected for its significance for inclusion in the agenda of a visit from a delegation of the UK Ministry of Trade and Investment.  Over 100 people toured the fast-moving Dodowa hospital site led by the UK Minister for Trade and Investment, Lord Livingston accompanied by the British High Commissioner and Ghanaian Representatives, the Hon. Minister for the Presidency, the Hon. Deputy Minister of Health and the Shai-Osudoku District Chief Executive.

714 on-site workers

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As of April 2015 there is a skilled workforce of over 700 labourers, managers, carpenters, masons, engineers on 5 active hospital sites across Ghana.  The workforce is in the majority made up of Ghanaians, as we keep our commitment to bolstering local economies and using local staff wherever possible.  Over 90% of those working on the project are Ghanaian nationals.  The size of the crew demonstrates the growing speed of the project, as over the last 3 months from January, it has increased by over 200%.

Logistics Statistics – 2015 to date

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As building work continues at a rapid pace on multiple sites, our procurement and logistics team have to work even harder to deliver materials to the right place at the right time.  Processes are constantly updated in order to keep up with demand and the team is now working as a well oiled machine.  In the first two months of 2015 we have handled:

21 containers worth of materials and equipment, relating to 1,022 cubic meters and 230 tons!

891 pallets containing 2,748 items of medical and non-medical equipment is ready at our TEMA warehouse for delivery to Dodowa and Fomena sites.

7 airfreight shipments have been cleared with 16 further containers currently in transit.