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Noyaa Fundraising Drive

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NMSI has successfully launched our fundraising appeal for the Noyaa Association School in Jamestown, Accra. We have been lucky to be on the receiving end of great generosity from partners and colleagues in the UK and Ghana. A fundraising evening, held in Accra on 10th July was a brilliant event and chance for guests to learn more about this fantastic charity. The children from Noyaa performed along with an acrobatic Jamestown dance troupe to the delight of the crowd. With ticket sales, donations, pledges and an auction we were able to raise $9,300, which will fund the running of the school for 6 months. A further $11,000 has been raised over a period of 3 years from take-up of the ‘250 Club’. Our aim is to enable the school to sustain itself over 3 years after NMSI builds a new structure. There are several ways to donate and become part of this process and very worthy cause.

Health & Safety Training July 2014

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In the continuing effort to improve health, safety and wellbeing standards within the contractor community, our partners Luton Engineering & Palmers Green International are being guided by NMSI’s HSE advisor.

From the top level of management through to labourers and artisans on site, the entire workforce is taking part in ongoing Induction Training. This means that employees at all levels know what their responsibilities and rights are while working. It has been a pleasure to see labourers who had previously not heard of Health and Safety start to show strong interest in risks thrown up by their roles and having the confidence to report unsafe work.

Additionally our new Clinical Consultant volunteered to take workers through a First Aid and Emergency Response training workshop.

Health Mapping Survey Nearly Complete

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Over 24,000 surveys out of the planned 30,750 have now been completed by NMS partner SCL Social. The qualitative phase is now complete and teams are working on writing up the data which has extended into all 10 regions. All SCL staff involved in the analysis and report-writing phase met in Budapest at the end of July for a workshop and conference. This is a significant accomplishment and will be the completion of a key deliverable of the District Hospital Project.

Parliamentary Visit to UK

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In March NMS was honoured with a visit by representatives of the Parliamentary Select Health Committee who were accompanied by members of the Project Implementation Unit of the Ministry of Health.

The team was able to see and understand the UK side of operations, viewing some of the key product and logistical components going into ensuring the quality and efficiency of this project.

The visiting team were invited to inspect the steel frame being shipped for the Dodowa hospital in situ at the steelworks factory, which they also toured, seeing the next batch of steel going through the factory.  In addition they inspected the Freight Forwarding Warehouses being used for this project.

We were delighted to welcome the team to NMS’ project offices where we were able to further discuss the project, bringing further insight to both sides.

The visit was invaluable, promoting dialogue and spurring a number of very useful ideas.  We are grateful to the whole visiting team for their thoughts and enthusiasm to see the health sector in Ghana progress rapidly and professionally.

parliamentary visit

Dodowa District Assembly & NMSI Joint Working Team Established

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An outcome of this great working relationship that has been building up onsite is that NMSI and the District Assembly have established a joint working team to oversee water management. With NMSI taking responsibility for internal water drainage in compliance with the DA water strategy, the DA will deal with external water drainage under our Joint External Water Management Strategy. As well as agreeing this plan we have put in place an implementation timetable which will see work completed before the rains start in June.

Full Planning Permission Granted for Dodowa Site

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Following a major briefing during April for the District Assembly Chief Executive and his team, NMSI has been granted full planning permission for the Dodowa hospital site. This extraordinarily successful occasion, which saw the executive team visiting NMSI offices and one of the production facilities has cemented what was already becoming a close and effective working relationship. The chief and his team expressed their huge enthusiasm and support for the project.