Dodowa Hospital; 5 Years On

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The Shai-Osudoku Hospital was the first facility within the Ghana Health Programme and was handed over to the Ministry of Health early in 2016.

Following a tour of the District Health Facility in April 2018, WHO Regional Director for Africa, Dr Marshidiso Moeti, identified the NMSI built Hospital at Dodowa as possibly a new benchmark for health facilities in Africa in terms of infrastructure and service delivery. “This facility is unique and is setting the standard for the region and I am so impressed about everything here”, she said.

In terms of delivery outcomes, the hospital has outperformed UN SDG3, setting high standards worth emulating across the Continent.

Dr Moeti also vowed that the facility’s operational strategy and successes were something she was going to learn more about in order to replicate the system in other health institutions in Ghana, and across Africa.

Indeed, the facility declared its mission for zero tolerance for maternal deaths and has since handover, continued with this commitment to achieving zero maternal deaths over the years.

Medical Director, Dr Kennedy Brightson, has restated his team’s commitment to the highest standards of patient care while striving to maintain the hospital and its landscaped surroundings to the highest standards.

Dodowa Hospital is now the leading hospital in the Shai-Osudoku region, serving a catchment area of 250,000 population (up from 50,000 catchment of the old hospital it replaced), with patients coming from as far as Burkina Faso and Togo.


Shai Osudoku Dodowa District Hospital featured on TV3 Ghana

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On Friday 10th May 2019, TV3 Ghana featured the Shai Osudoku Dodowa District Hospital to highlight its “zero maternal mortality rate for the past 5 years”.

The new hospital facilities constructed by NMS Infrastructure receives positive reviews from the hospital’s management team, the MOH and the World Health Organisation, while the Minister of Health discusses the hope for the full project to restart soon.

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News from the Built To Care Ghana Hospital Project

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The Hon. Minister of Health, Kwaku Agyeman-Manu paid an official visit to Dodowa Hospital, attended by the Regional Director of UK Trade & Investment for West Africa from the British High Commission, Sharon Ganney, and the Chief Director and Regional Director of Health.

The Minister witnessed at first hand the outstanding work of medical staff, as well as the technical support staff, in this new-generation district hospital which is fully-operational.

Following the visit, the Regional Director of UK Trade remarked: “Having seen the build in various stages of construction, to see it delivering for Ghanaian people was testament to all of the great work done by NMS.”


Live footage of Ceremonial Handover at Shai Osudoku District Hospital in Dodowa

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GTV have provided NMSI with footage from the live broadcast of the Ceremonial Handover at the Shai Osudoku District Hospital in Dodowa…

You can check out the videos of 3 key speeches (that of The President of Ghana, the Minister of Health and the UK Minster for Africa) on the Built To Care Ghana website news section.

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New wall art in Pediatric ward Dodowa

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On the 7th of July, a small team from NMSI office in Accra, spent their day at the recently opened Dodowa hospital for a special CSR project in the paediatric ward.

Tom, Francis and Cynthia, along with Adrian Crowley’s wife, © NMS Infrastructure 2016 July 2016 • Page 2 Esther, and two young children, Oisín and Eabha, brought a little more colour to the ward by putting up some fun and decorative animal and “Thomas the Tank Engine” stickers on the walls.

The artistic endeavours did not end there, with the pièce de résistance featuring a large jungle mural which is instantly visible as soon as you enter the ward. We hope this will bring some fun and pleasure to the kids in the ward and will make their time there a little less distressing.

Dodowa District Hospital Fully Operational

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In June 2016 the newly built Shai Osudoku District Hospital in Dodowa went fully operational.

The hospital was built by NMS Infrastructure Limited in partnership with the Ghanaian Ministry of Health on their “Built To Care Ghana” project.

Constructed predominantly by a Ghanaian workforce, with around 60% of those coming from the local community, this new 120 bed hospital is a true reflection of the quality of work that can be achieved and has set a new standard for other hospitals to aspire to.