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Construction Underway In Dodowa

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Construction work has begun on the Dodowa hospital marking a significant milestone for the hospital project. NMSI have engaged ChenOverseas as the Civil Works contractor for initial work on the Dodowa site. This team are now active on the site which is already cleared of vegetation and demarcated by a temporary fence. A temporary site office has also been set up on site. Over the next few weeks ChenOverseas will work on topsoil removal, preparation of site drainage and cut and fill works.  Read More

Dodowa District Authorities Lend Support

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The undertaking by Dodowa District local authorities to provide mains water and electricity to the site boundary of the hospital has sent a strong signal about the district’s support for the hospital project. NMSI is working alongside District authorities to achieve this, a collaboration that will be followed on all the other hospitals. Read More

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